Strata Florida Greenlaning, Mid Wales


We just got back from a great trip along the famous Strata Florida Greenlane (byway) – arguably the UK’s best off road track. The weather was wet and wild but that made it all the better for the adventure in this beautiful wild scenery of mid-wales’ Cambrian Mountains. Full report on

Here’s a few photos – a video is in the works.

abergwesynvalley1 abergwesynvalley2 photo 1 (16) photo 1 photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 3 (1) photo 3 rangie_river winching

Landrover-Exploring with Canoe and Defender!


Just got back from a short but great trip on the River Wye – The Landy coped perfectly well when carrying the 16ft Canadian “open canoe”. The canoe was strapped to the Rollbar and then to the rear hoop and then front and rear with ropes to the towbar and front tubular bumper: Rock solid and it’s a very aerodynamic shape so in fact made the Defender Hicap somewhat more stable in a straighline! It sat directly over the army issue desert tarp cover I use on the back hoops – I use this instead of the standard canvas or PVC hoods – I prefer this as it’s open to the elements but still provides enough cover even in heavy rain. It’s also easy to remove in seconds with a system of loops and ties using paracord – the real stuff taken from an army parachute which is incredibly strong, not the fake ‘paracord’ you can buy – important as this needs to take some strain at 50-60mph!

The hicap pickup flat bed obviously had more than enough room for any gear and paddles, life vests and my australian ‘swag’ bedroll (whose native home is in the back if a pickup (or “Ute” as the aussies call them…) of course.

DC100 Land Rover’s New Defender?


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So the DC100 concept Land Rover Defender has been out for a while now (view gallery), and many people are still not in love with the design. Seems to be the front end and I agree it looks too little … Continue reading

LRO Show at Shepton Mallet

Made the local trip to the Landrover Owners Show at Shepton Mallet. A great experience all round – seemed to be badly publicized though, many of the traders there saying it was too quiet. And I found it very hard to get any info on it too! But once there it was superb, great fun, loads of old gear and army surplus Jerry cans etc, Landrover tents, parts, LR branded gear and huge variety of vehicles on show and driving around the big Bath and West Showground site. The Off Road course hosted and mashalled by XtremeOffRoad was great fun to watch as variously-equipped Landy’s went through the mud…

'Keynsham Camels'… Camel Trophy Defender HiCap

Spotted this unusual Landrover on the off road course at the LRO show at Bath & West Showground: It’s a Camel Trophy vehicle – a Defender 110 High Capacity Pickup (HCPU) and all set up for Adventuring! More background and pictures here on this unusual Camel Trophy HiCap. According to the site it’s one of only 3 HiCaps used as Camel Trophy vehicles – one for example was specially built “to carry a dismantled raft on which the Camel Trophy convoy was able to cross rivers and lakes”!